Left Connector Cable type Right Connector
Length of cable [m]
Number of cables Price per cable [SEK]
Cable loss
dB @ 150 MHz
dB @ 450 MHz
dB @ 2.45 GHz
dB @ 3.5 GHz
dB @ 5.7 GHz
rev 220504

Length tolerance ±5 mm (L≤1 m), ±10 mm (1>L≤5 m) and ±20 mm (L>5 m). Shrink tube on each connector. Cable loss figures in table are based on data sheet. We reserve the right to change manufacturer on cable and connectors, depending on availability.

Andrew Commscope C2FP is 10.5 mm PE jacket with aluminium center conductor.
LowLoss is 5 mm PE jacket, normally Bedea HFX1336.
Rosenberger RTK033 is low loss equivalent to RG316, black jacket.

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